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Active ageing & quality of life at Cabrini

When a resident is admitted into Cabrini, they are assessed by a Physiotherapist for a mobility and general conditioning check. This assessment is always completed within 24-48 hours of admission. The aim of this assessment is to ensure that the resident is using the correct mobility aids to maintain independence and safety while transferring.

In conjunction with this, there are general exercise classes offered from Mon- Fri. These take place at 9am in the Burramatta Room, and then again at 9.30am in the gym, on Level One. These sessions aim to improve our residents level of fitness by developing your balance, co-ordination, flexibility, strength and endurance.

All residents are encouraged to attend these sessions as a way maintain strength and flexibility. As we age our needs change, and the focus becomes maintenance, not restoration. This means that is it about maintaining ‘optimum levels of mobility and dexterity in the care recipient’. This is outlined by the Accreditation Standards (Mobility 2.14).

Cabrini is also a teaching facility for Physiotherapy students, catering for both Undergraduate and Masters Physiotherapy student placements. We have students from a wide range of universities, including, Western Sydney, UTS, USYD, and Australian Catholic University. The residents may be assessed and treated by Physiotherapy students who are under supervision from qualified and registered Physiotherapists, however, we do not offer daily 1:1 Physiotherapy sessions.

Our additional service package offers residents one hour of individualised physio, for more detail about this, speak to Rhiannon Reid about this option. Alternatively, if you have any questions about physiotherapy, feel free to speak with Ajit, our senior physiotherapist.

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