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Our physiotherapy programs help keep our elders fit, mobile and pain-free! The key to that is a wide range of activities and treatments that are tailored to suit the individual needs and abilities of all our residents. All carefully managed by our talented team of health professionals.

Resident assessments

Every new resident meets with our physiotherapy team so we can thoroughly understand their body and how physio may help them live a more comfortable life. Our team will then work with the resident to find the most suitable option for ongoing physical activity during their time with us.

Exercise classes

Cabrini offers group exercise classes Monday – Friday to keep our residents moving and encourage a positive mind set. Those who are able can also participate in regular outdoor walking groups and bus excursions to various locations around Sydney.


Pain relief

One of the goals of physiotherapy is to keep patients as pain-free as possible. Cabrini’s physiotherapy team offers a range of pain reducing options including massage, heat packs and TENS machines.

The Team

All the physiotherapists at Cabrini are either fully qualified or exceptional students in their final year of study. This talented and enthusiastic group is always researching new and better ways to provide improved treatment as well as higher levels of comfort and mobility.

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