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Keeping in Contact

Keeping in contact with a loved one when entering care is a significant issue that is sometimes met with difficulty. Being able to keep in contact with family is crucial to a resident who is already experiencing an extremely overwhelming time. However, as we age our sight and hearing diminish and using a mobile phone can be extremely frustrating for both a resident and their families. Families quite often find that there are no phones on the market that are suitable for those with poor sight and hearing, and who are used to using a landline phone.

One competitor in the market is the Doro Care phone. Doro has designed a phone that is simple and easy to use. It looks like a simple flip phone, but it boasts large audio and bigger simple buttons. Another alternative is the Olitech Easy Mate. This Melbourne based company who is also trying to design a phone that is easy to see, hear and use.

As more phone are getting developed to meet this growing need, Cabrini will keep you up to date on the latest technology and will help you find a solution that works best for your loved one.

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