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Quality of Life

Adding life to your years

Life’s never dull at Cabrini! Along with first class facilities, excellent medical 24-hours-a-day and the latest in modern technology, we make sure smiles are always readily available.

The concept of wellness goes beyond the physical at Cabrini Care. We’re aware that the overall health of a resident at Cabrini Care can be impacted by loneliness, boredom and helplessness as well as physical ailments. That’s why our approach creates a loving, fun-filled and stimulating environment where everyone is able to find meaning and joy in every day.

Cabrini’s hands-on team counters loneliness by treating residents and their guests like family. We foster a culture of companionship by encouraging visitors and providing a range of activities for all abilities. Everyone is welcome to participate in these activities whenever they choose.

The residents at Cabrini Care have their everyday routines broken up with unexpected events and surprise interactions. We also create a sense of worth for our residents by encouraging them to get involved in meaningful initiatives that contribute to the local community.

As part of our policy, we enable those in our care at Cabrini to make their own decisions wherever possible. This frees them from a feeling that their life is under someone else’s control. We also offer the services of an in-house hair salon for residents to look and feel at their best.

By reducing loneliness and boredom, we are able to foster a lovely quality of life for everyone who joins us at Cabrini.

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