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Moving Forward

Continuing with our IT upgrades, Cabrini will be introducing a new phone system, Vocera. Care staff will be equipped with a hands-free device that enables communication, even if a staff member is occupied with a task.

The Vocera Badge is a wearable lightweight, voice-controlled device utilizing intuitive commands to enable hands-free, instant two-way or one-to-many conversations. This system allows staff to spend less time on the phone and more time focusing on resident care.

As with all new processes, it may take some time for the staff to be familiar with the device, and we appreciate your understanding and patience with us in this time.

In line with the hands-free badge, the resident call bell system will interact with the Vocera system. This will result in faster response times to calls, and a more efficient and personalised approach to care. If you have any questions, please see the Reception desk.

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