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Winter is Coming

The winter months are fast approaching and that means flu season is coming.  Influenza is a highly infectious virus. It spreads through droplets caused by sneezing or coughing. Symptoms develop rapidly one to three days after contact with an infectious person. Individuals are infectious for three to four days after infection and may transmit the virus one to two days before the onset of symptoms.

Influenza can be prevented, or the severity of the illness reduced, by immunisation with the current vaccine each year.  It is recommended that all residents in long-term health care, people who visit them and health care staff receive the annual influenza vaccination to minimise the risk of infection to themselves and others.  Flu vaccinated consent forms have been distributed to the nurse’s station and we kindly ask that you fill them out as soon as possible.

Whilst we ensure that all residents and staff are vaccinated, it is strongly encouraged that you get yourself and your family vaccinated too. This ensures that anyone who enters the building is not going to bring the flu with them.

The benefits of vaccination are enormous, the flu for you might only mean a few days off work, but for a resident, it can cause a severe illness that takes weeks to recover from. Getting vaccinated is as simple as a trip to your local GP.

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